Technology Loans

10 September 2015

The Library provides students with a selection of technology that may be borrowed for academic use. Technology loans are for campus use ONLY. Sorry you can't take them home! Visit your campus TECH BAR or Library Customer Service Desk for more information.

Chromebook - Click here for more details.


Dell Laptop - Click here for more details.

Dell Laptop

Dell Tablet - Click here for more details.

 Dell Tablet 



  • HDMI cables
  • MacBook Mini DisplayPort to VGA adapter 
  • Ethernet cables 
  • Power cords (for Dell Laptops ONLY)


All Mohawk students with a valid One Card may borrow a laptop. To obtain or validate your ONE Card, please visit the ONE Card office at the Fennell campus, Student Engagement at Stoney Creek, and the Square at the Institute for Applied Health Sciences at McMaster. No other form of identification can be used to borrow technology.

In order to use a laptop, all borrowers must complete a Technology Loan Agreement. This agreement must be completed once per academic year at your campus TECH BAR.

Technology loans are for academic purposes only. All users are expected to abide by the Mohawk College Information Technology - Use and Security Policy.

Loan Periods

All technology loans are 4-hour periods or due 30 minutes prior to the library closing - whichever comes first. When returning your item, you may request an extension for an additional 4 hours based on availability. 

For overnight or weekend loans, contact the IT Help Desk.


Return laptops to the TECH BAR or Library Customer Service Desk at the end of the four hour loan period or 30 minutes prior to the library closing - whichever comes first.

Wait for a staff member to check in your item. Do not leave it on the counter.

If the TECH BAR is closed, return laptops to the Library Customer Service Desk.

Late fees

A late fine of $5.00 per hour to a maximum of $50.00 per day will be charged on all technology loans.

If you have late fees exceeding $10 on your library account, you will not be allowed to borrow any technology.

When your library fines exceed $10, a hold is put on your college account preventing you from seeing your final marks and graduating.

Replacement and Damage Fees

Borrowers are responsible for theft, damage or loss of items during the loan period as agreed upon when signing the Technology Loan Agreement.Technology loans may not be taken off campus property. If there is a fire alarm, bring your borrowed items with you until it is safe to return to the building.

Technology Replacement Costs

Dell Laptop: $1200 -1500

Chromebook: $300

AC Adaptor: $60

Lost items (processing fee): $20