Tech tips for your favourite writing tools!

Tech Talks @ the ToolBox: 11:00 am - 1:00 pm

Join Library staff in the ToolBox for a 10-minute demo of writing tools and tech tips to help you co-edit documents, tips to save time and tricks to making creative documents.

Monday May 28: Why use Google docs?

Google Docs makes collaboration easy – co-edit in real-time, access your documents from any computer and most mobile devices, and it’s FREE!

Tuesday May 29: Put Word to work for you!

Learn 10 simple tips to help save you time when creating and editing documents.  10-minutes in the ToolBox could save you an hour per week!

Wednesday May 30: Pages – The Apple Word Processor

Apple’s word processing tool makes creativity easy. See how easy it is to create newsletters, pamphlets, or posters.

Tech Talks: 10-minute demos of tools to help you succeed!